Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Life-saving hacks for any young housekeeper

The competition on the market for best women, who might become best mothers and housewives is cruel. So what you have to be ready for is to deal with any issue in housekeeping and do it in time. Of course, your mother probably has taught you many things like how to clean a red wine spot or how to wash the windows without killing yourself falling down from the third floor, but there are many other tricks you will continue learning through the years. And today you are about to learn such, too. See our list of life-saving hacks for any young housekeeper now:
  • Use rubber gloves to eliminate the pet's hairs and the tiniest dusts and feathers from furniture.
  • Use an ordinary plastic bottle to easily remove the yolk from the egg! Compress and hold the yolk once it shows from the bottle bottom.
  • Use ordinary soap to worn on an old zipper.
  • To save money from constant repairs at home, maintain the bottom surface with regular Leicestershire floor sanding procedure and cover the walls with washable wallpapers.
  • Use your blender to make powder sugar for your Sunday donuts.
  • Stop picking threads from clothes with your transparent nail polish.
  • Remove grass stain from the rug with ordinary laundry detergent. Another thing that professional carpet cleaners Leicestershire do in such case is sprinkling it with powder in advance (use ammonia), vacuum it back after few minutes and then wash the zone!
  • Nourish your outdoor garden with Parmesan cheese! Plants love it as much as your kid loves it on the top of a homemade pizza!
Ok, start with these hacks and soon, as a more mature housekeeper, the strategies for smart housekeeping will come from your own mind!

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