Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Eco-friendly office cleaning – hacks

Your office is the place where you spend the most part of the day, work hard, make friends and complete impossible targets. In order to be productive, you need it to be spick and span although that can be a difficult mission given the fact that there are so many people in there. Things get even worse if you have messy coworkers who do not pay too much attention to the cleanliness of their desk and the office in general. Here are some useful commercial cleaning tips and tricks you can use if you want to contribute to the establishment of a dirt free working place.
  • Office cleaning is a challenging task not only due to the aforementioned reasons but also because there are too many spots that need regular attention. Let’s start with your own desk. In order to maintain it neat, you have to throw the unnecessary items and use a microfiber cloth and a solution of water and soap to disinfect the desk itself.
  • Even if a commercial cleaning company is in charge of keeping the office clean, you can still apply an eco friendly solution of baking soda and salt if the microwave needs cleaning. 
  • You can ask your manager if it is possible to minimize the usage of toxic cleaning detergents and simply explain that they are doing more harm than good. Plus, Eco-friendly office cleaning Leicester is a way cheaper. 
  • The commercial cleaning experts can use special non-toxic cleaning supplies if they are unable to prepare their own. Some of the most powerful cleaning agents contain baking soda and salt. As for the white vinegar, it can be used mainly for cleaning the kitchen area and the breakroom.
  • High level of flooring hygiene is also very important. Depending on the type of the material, professional stone floor polishing Leicester or hardwood polishing may be booked from reliable provider. In case the floor is produced from natural wood, efficient floor sanding procedure is also recommended to restore its beauty.
You don’t have to be exposed to the negative impact of the toxic cleaning solutions at work. Apply the aforementioned tips and you will see that they will have a positive impact to all of your coworkers.

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