Thursday, 23 June 2016

How to keep yourself and your car clean during a road trip

So you have finally got some time off work and you are about to make a long-awaited road trip together with your friends and family? No matter if you have a well-thought-out itinerary or you have just spontaneously decided to hit the road, enjoy the beautiful views along the way and stop passers-by to ask for directions, your adventure should definitely be a memorable one. However, road trips are inevitably associated with a lot of mess and the car interior suffers most from that adventure. After all, you will not have access to the conveniences you are used to at home, so you have to think of alternative options and not underestimate the importance of the proper hygiene:
  • Being on a road trip does not mean you will be spared from doing a clean-up. Well, it will not be as time-consuming as the regular domestic cleaning you have to perform although it will include the most essential procedures included in your must-do home cleaning list. The first rule you have to obey in order to keep the car clean is to refrain yourself from eating in the car. Yes, it is easier said than done, but that will save you a lot of troubles. If you are unwilling to stop for a while and have an improvised lunch or dinner on the road, do your best to keep all leftovers, coke cans and used cups in a trash bag and throw it as soon as possible.
  • Make sure you have a pack of antibacterial wet wipes in the car. They will help you keep the surfaces sanitised. Every time you stop for a break or at a gas station for a fill-up, take your time and wipe down coffee stains, the steering wheel, the leather surfaces and whatever you consider appropriate.
  • Don’t forget about the air fresheners. You are probably aware of the fact that upholstery and carpets absorb all kinds of unpleasant odours. If you are committed to keeping your house germ and odour-free, professional upholstery and carpet cleaners are probably your regular visitors. But now, when you are on the road, the best thing you can do to mask the bad smell is to opt for an air freshener or carry your own one consisting of water and essential oils, mixed in a spray bottle.
  • Road trips pose a challenge to everyone’s personal hygiene. Every time you stop at a gas station, don’t miss to wash your hands with hot water and soap. Meanwhile, make sure you have a hand-sanitizer. The latter has its opponents and proponents. Its fans claim that it eliminates all germs, while others say it is yet another useless product for deceiving the mass customer. Yet, it is better than nothing, so make sure you have a couple of bottles with you.
  • Don’t forget to take care of your skin and protect it from the UV rays. The fastest way to get your road trip ruined is by getting a severe sunburn.
  • Today’s beauty industry offers such an incredible variety of products that you might look good even if you have spent several days without taking a bath. In order to make your hair neat and clean, you’d better get yourself a top quality dry shampoo. It will be your irreplaceable beauty tool, especially if you have a long hair that gets oily too fast. Alternatively, you can scrub some baking soda into your roots. It will absorb the excessive oil.
  • Before you leave your house, make sure you have packed your travel bag wisely. In order to minimise sweating, wear clothes made of natural fabrics such as light cotton. Use anti-bacterial wet wipes to freshen up.
  • From a very early age, your parents have repeatedly told you how important brushing your teeth is. Well, being on a road trip makes that hygiene ritual a bit impossible. Yet, you can chew a gum to keep your breath fresh. You can also get those travel size toothbrushes that fit into your pocket and use them when you stop by a place that has a bathroom or carry travel size mouthwash – the latter option will be your safest bet when it comes to oral hygiene.
These were the main cleaning and hygiene issues you have to think about right before you head for your well-deserved trip. Although you might be excited to meet friends you have not talked in years or visit a place you have never found time to go to, you should be prepared for unpleasant situations such as a closed highway, a damaged tire or a minor headache. Make sure you get some painkillers with you as well as the aforementioned hygiene products and don’t get angry at unexpected delays. Enjoy your time off work and happy travels!

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