Thursday, 18 August 2016

Cool Ideas for Kid’s Birthday Party at Home

Entertainment during kids birthday parties plays an important role, contributing to the festive atmosphere. It would be good to rely on games providing educational purposes. Such games are a great way to develop leadership skills in children, even those who are at a young age. You can stimulate qualities such as fighting spirit, concentration, discipline, communication skills, etc. We offer you a variety of fun suggestions for children's games, suitable both for outdoors and indoors so the birthday party is not only entertaining but educative, too:
  • Colour seekers – the game can be played by kids at all ages and is particularly suitable for children who are now learning the colours. Play music and dance with the kids. When you stop or pause the music, tell them any hue that comes to your mind. In turn, the children have to catch an item with the particular colour. Those who do not do it quickly enough are out of the game. The winner is the one who stays to the end of the game.
  • Limbo – the game is suitable for both children (over 3 years old) and adults. You need a tape or a rope (2-3 m length) and appropriate music. Two of the participants hold the rope at one level and a certain height, and the other players must pass beneath it, dancing without touching it. The players who hold the rope periodically change its height and increase both the difficulty of the passage and the fun. Those that touch the rope must leave the game. The winner is the one who remains the last. 
  • Magic carpet – it is played by a minimum of two people. The ‘magic carpet’ may be a large piece of cloth. It also may be replaced with a tablecloth or a large square scarf. All participants keep the ‘flying carpet’ with two hands and must be symmetrical to each other. On the stretched cloth, place 4-5 items (stuffed animals, balloons, etc). The players jump in line and make the rug ‘fly’. The goal is the items not to fall on the ground. The players strive to hold them with the mat after each ‘flight’. For greater complexity, increase the number of items after each jump. Do not underestimate that game because you think it can get messy. If you feel you can’t handle the mess after the party or some spots appears on the sofa, the upholstery cleaners in your area will assist you.
  • Broken phone – that really funny game is suitable for children at the age of 5 years and more. The game is played from a minimum of 4-5 children. The players stand next to each other in a row or a circle. The first child thinks about a word and says it quietly to the player next to him, as in turn he or she says the heard word to the next one. When the word reaches the last player, he says it out loud. Usually, the word that the last player says has nothing to do with the original one. Then each child shares what he heard and everyone understands where the error came from. The kid who got the word wrong becomes the last one in the sequence.
  • Hot-cold – it is suitable for children who are over 4 years old. It is played by a minimum of 2 children. The players choose an object and hide it. The player who hid the subject says ‘hot’ when the others are close to the hide-out and ‘cold’ when they are away. The child who finds the object is the next to hide another item. 
  • Balance – that game is suitable for children at the age of 5 and more. It is played by a minimum of two kids. All players have the same objects – books, for example. The goal is to be able to keep them on their heads as long as possible. The player holding the items on his head the longer (without any help with hands) is the winner.
  • Karaoke – оrganise а rеal music show with a couple of adults for judges. Provide them with table and chairs so they will be able to listen to each candidate and assess them. Create a stage and let each kid to sing a song, and then to hear the eulogistic comments from the judges. There is no need to have a winner – it is important everyone to have fun.
  • Artists – this idea for a kid's birthday party is generally the kids to get messy and fun – it is desirable to be somewhere outdoors, for obvious reasons. Even if you are at home, you don’t have to worry about possible stains on your rugs as long as you have the number of your local carpet cleaning company on hand. Get brushes, paints, paper tablecloths for canvas and let the kids express their creativity in the most colourful way. The dress code? Aprons.
You do not need to spend a lot of resources to throw the greatest kid’s birthday party. Unleash your imagination and experiment. In most cases, you will need only materials that are easily found such as paper, rope, brooms, balloons, pencils, masks, hats, scarves, bands. Alternate active and passive games to make sure the children will be in a good mood all the time. Do not forget that there should be gifts and treats for everyone!

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