Tuesday, 24 January 2017

5 Residential & Commercial Flooring Trends In 2017

The floor covering in both living and working spaces plays a significant role in the décor. The flooring you feel beneath your feet determines the perception of the room even if you are not consciously aware of that. In this article, we will discuss the trends in both residential and commercial flooring in 2017. No matter what you pick from the following for your next project, you won`t be disappointed. Let`s begin with the residential flooring trends – read on:

  • Wood flooring – we should say that this trend will simply never go out of style. It doesn`t matter what type of wood is installed – hardwood, reclaimed wood or a factory product, there is no way you can go wrong with this flooring solution. Dark tones are preferred – the wood floors look classy and sleek plus it provides great flexibility and versatility in terms of application. 
  • Vinyl flooring – it is definitely one of the most versatile materials. It can take many different forms and provide a wide range of design styles. Geometrics are expected to gain momentum in 2017. Vinyl flooring is waterproof and incredibly easy to maintain – it is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms as it combines both aesthetics and functionality. Popular colour options will be grey and extremes in dark and light colours.
  • Ceramic & porcelain tile flooring – patterns such as diagonal, herringbone and chevron will gain popularity. These flooring solutions are very durable and resistant. The most popular format tiles are being 12”x24”. Colours that are trendy in 2017 are cobalt blue, emerald green and strong reds. Tiles that imitate marble in light colours will be also popular providing the customer with the opportunity to pay a lower price but receive a beautiful flooring solution.
  • Carpet flooring – even that some people think that carpets are no longer a popular option there is still an interest in carpeting for bedrooms and stairs. They provide softer and more luxurious feeling to the whole interior. The emphasis is put on grey colours but other neutral colours will also be trendy. You can achieve an interesting design idea by including rugs in odd shapes – you can choose a contrasting colour to increase the effect.
  • Matte floor finishing – this is not a particular type of flooring but it deserves to be on the list as glossy floors are no longer that stylish. Matte finishing gains its popularity and a dull effect is now desired and not avoided. Homeowners who enjoy being up to date with the design trends will definitely enjoy having this look at their properties. Such flooring solutions make a statement but don`t steal the show.

Now about the commercial flooring trends:

  • Rubber flooring – rubber provides a versatile and highly durable choice. It is not a surprise that many commercial buildings such as hospitals, schools and clubs have chosen this flooring solution. It is easy to maintain and provides numerous of designs, patterns and colours. If you are a business owner and the building endures a lot of foot traffic, choosing rubber is a smart decision.
  • Luxury vinyl flooring – the options are infinite. It is available in rolls and tiles and provides the ideal choice for commercial use. Natural stone looks, simulated grout lines and many other design choices can be used – the design can resemble natural flooring solutions which have a higher price. If you want to achieve a modern interior without shrinking your budget, rely on luxury vinyl – it is both durable and appealing. 
  • Eco-friendly flooring options – sustainability is still a hot topic when it comes to choosing a commercial flooring option. There are so many green options available that choosing one doesn`t seem to be a hard task. Innovations have been made so they are now more favourable to the environment than ever before. A distinguished commercial flooring contractor says that cork as well as linoleum flooring continue to trend.
  • Carpet tile – just in the same way the carpets are in the game in residential flooring, commercial facilities can also benefit greatly from this flooring solution. It is easy to install, it provides improved durability and again, the design options are endless. Carpet tile flooring is affordable and makes this option perfect for business spaces. Also, another advantage of this solution is that in case a tile gets damaged it can be easily replaced without the need to repair the whole flooring.
  • Breaking the walls down – this is not exactly a flooring trend but it concerns it as by providing a workplace that is not obstructed by walls or partitions it will open up new design possibilities. If you want to achieve a modern look and provide an environment which is more energising for your employees, use bold calming colours in combination with attractive patterns.

Now that you have these trends in mind you can improve without hassle your residential or business premises. They are functional and stylish at the same time so you can`t go wrong with choosing any of the aforementioned solutions!

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