Monday, 23 February 2015

6 ideas for crafts with plastic bottle

In our everyday life we buy so many products in plastic bottles - water, carbonated drinks, milk, cleaning detergents, and when we finish them we usually toss them. But there are really good alternatives for these products - recycle or reuse. Here some ideas what you can make with empty plastic bottles - fun crafts you can make with your kids too.
  1. Watering can - for this one you have to use some bottle made from thick plastic bottle with a handle, may be from washing gel or other cleaning detergent. Carefully wash it to be sure that is completely clean. You have two options for this craft - First one is to make some holes on the cap, the second one is to broach the bottle.
  2. Desk organizer - Cut the neck of the bottle and decorate it the way you like - paint it, use the paper mache technique, add some sprinkles or ribbons. This will be great activity to do with your kids but be very careful because carpet cleaning will be very hard task if you spill glitter on it.
  3. Paint brush holder - Use the same type of hard bottle with handle, cut it starting from the neck and leave the handle and two inches from bottom. This way you can put the paintbrush in the neck hole and the paint on the bottom of the bottle.
  4. Candle holder - use thin bottle, you can choose different colored plastic, remove bottom and top and cut it to get one layer of plastic. Draw some leaves, which you will use like petals, and one circle a little bit larger that tea candle. Glue the petals to the circle with hot glue and you will get a beautiful flower looks like water lily. Put the candle in the middle and enjoy its beautiful glow. If you think that this is too hard, you can use bottleneck - just cut it in beautiful way, like flower for instance, and put the candle in it. You can decorate it with acrylic paint, nail polish or whatever you have and want.
  5. DIY Planter - cut the bottle in half and make some holes on the bottom, fill with soil and plant some herbs which you can use for your favourite meals or some little indoor flowers. If you want your planter to look better you can colour it with water resistant paint. Be sure that planter is stable because no one maid like to clean soil from the floor.
  6. DIY door curtains - For this craft you will have a need of more bottles.  Make plastic sheets, cut them on circles or some other shapes you like. They have to be one inch large. Make little holes on the top of each shape, connect them with cord leaving 1.5 or 2 inches between each element. Make garland as long as your door. To make the curtain you will need about thirty garlands, which you have to install on a plank.
Making these crafts is easy and fun and will be very interesting activity to your kids, even more - reusing plastic bottles you help saving our planet.

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