Thursday, 5 March 2015

Make your small kitchen comfortable

How to make your small kitchen comfortable

One of the most common problems in the flats is that there aren't enough space for kitchen and this is the nightmare for everyone who loves to cook. It is a real challenge to make it comfortable to prepare your favourite dishes but is not the mission impossible. There are some improvements you can do without making any compromises with the appliances you need. Here are some ideas how to make your kitchen more comfortable and look bigger:

Add colours 
Small kitchen can look crowded even if you haven't so many things in it, but if you paint the walls on colour you like, this will change the entire look of the room. 
Colourful walls and artifical light make the kithen look so btight and cozy

Keep it clean 
Don't neglect the hygiene, keep everything tidy, check the expiration date of all foods regularly. If you are not very good of cleaning ask your spring cleaners to take care of your kitchen too. 
The light is very important 
Be sure that there are enough sunlight in the room - windows are very important, it’s better to be white, avoid dark curtains, let the light comes thru them. This way you will make your kitchen look more spacious. If your windows are small and can't provide enough light be sure that you have enough artificial lighting. One great idea is to put lights under the pantries - this will make the place to glow, it will give it some mystical and interesting look.
Use the walls 
Install cabinets and shelves above the sink,put magnetic tape for the knives, store utensils in the drawer, use pantries to keep your seasoning in there. The clean and empty countertop make the place look bigger and domestic cleaning easier.

Use free space in the kitchen
Hidden pantry
Modern kitchen equipment 
Install built in appliances like oven and hob, buy refrigerator with freezer drawers. These devices are multifunctional, energy efficient, modern and smaller than free standing. 
Modern oven
Use free space 
If there are some space under the countertop you can put there some chairs - and voila - you have breakfast top or bar according to the situation. Your beloved one or kids can sit there and spend time together while you are cooking the dinner for instance.

Kitchen is very important place for every family and even if it's smaller than you want to be, it is possible to make it comfortable with some little tricks.


  1. What GREAT ideas! love love it, more storage is always a key for me!