Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Show your mom how much you love her

This year we celebrate the Mother’s day or also known in the UK like Mothering Sunday on 15th March. On this day we give honour to our moms, grandmothers and other mother figures in our family such as mother in law or step mother. By the tradition on this holiday everyone have to make a gift to their mother, usually a card or flower. There's no doubt that the best gift for every mother is to spent the day with her kids but here are some ideas how to surprise her, It doesn't need to buy a holiday on exotic island or expensive jewelry, she would be very happy to receive something made with love.

  •  On the first place - the traditional flower. But don't buy bouquets which will die after some days. Get for her one flower in beautiful pot, if you like crafting, you can buy ordinary pot and decorate it the way your mom will like. This way you will bring personal touch to the gift and it's great way to express your honour and love to your mother. The best of it is that every time she look at this flower she will think of you with tenderness.
    Flowers in pots
  • The second thing - a card. Don't slip out with printed one from the book store. Do remember that when we were students we used to made handmade card for our moms every year. Follow this tradition and make one this year too, your mother will love it and keep it.
    Handmade card for Mother's day
  • Do something together - Help her with the spring cleaning the day before the holiday - she will appreciate this. Celebrate in her favourite restaurant or organise a picnic if the weather is appropriate for this. It will be super fun and relaxing to go out and enjoy the day with glass of wine and good food.
    Go out and have fun
  • Prepare for her homemade chocolates. If she is a sweet tooth person, this would be the best present for her. There are so much recipes for easy and heavenly delicious bonbons. I love to make Ferrero Rocher. You need only four ingredients for them - dark chocolate, Ferrero rocher wafer balls, milk and some nuts - hazelnuts or cashew are my favourite. Melt 500gm of the chocolate and mix it with a tea cup of hot milk, stir until the mix became homogeneous, add 1/2 cup of chopped nuts and stir. Let it stay for 3-4 hour in the refrigerator. Fill the ferrero spheres with spoon and make a ball from 2 halves. Melt 500 gm dark chocolate and dip each ball in it after that roll in in chopped nuts. That's all - easy and delicious. And your maid will not mind washing all the dirty dishes if you give her to try some of the chocolates, she is women too and probably celebrates the Mother's day too.
    Homemade Ferrero Rocher chocolates
How you can see it's not necessary to spend a fortune to make your mom feel special and loved on this day. Avoid the cliche of bouquets and make something for her with your own hand and all your love and honour to her.


  1. How sweet, thoughtful and beautiful this post! Touching as well!
    Thanks for the visit, and until next time I hope...

  2. My mother is no longer with us, but I'd love for my adult children to read this post and make me some of that delicious-looking chocolate. I may just make some for myself. thank you for sharing the recipe.