Monday, 23 March 2015

What you should know before taking a kitten at home

There is one quote 'The home is where the cat is' and this is so true. They are lovable, tender and smart, they always will fight for your attention and love. And there's nothing else on this world that can calm you down better than cat's purring. There's no doubt that they are great companion but you should know some things before taking a kitty at home because you are responsible for its entire life.
First - you have to be completely sure that you want it and can take care of it, cats are not dolls and you can't throw it away when you are tired of it or if it make some mischiefs. Having a pet is big responsibility and you have to be prepared for extra cares if it get sick or something.
Second - don't go the the first pet shop, there are so many animals in rescue centres - thoroughbred or mixed breeds on any age, try to adopt one. He or she will be thankful for their entire life for giving them home and love.

Third - no matter if you buy it or adopt it, choose a veterinarian for your kitty and schedule an appointment for medical checkup and treatment against parasites. This is very important not only for its health but for yours and your family too. Besides, your doctor will tell you what are the best foods, vitamins and everything you want to know about appropriate cares for your kitty. It's good to put it a microchip so you may find it easier if you accidentally come out.
Š¢ransport box or bag - you have to buy one because it's easier and less stressful for your cat to be transported to your home, you can use it after that when you travel somewhere and want your pet come with you.
Cat's bed - all cats love to sleep on warm and soft places but most of everything they love clean bedding so you have to include it in your regular domestic cleaning. Otherwise be sure that they will storm on your bed.

Bowls for food and water - be sure that your cat have access to fresh water all day. Choose bowls that are in appropriate size and are easy to wash. It's good to have rubber legs so it can't move when the cat is eating.
Toys, climbing frames and something to scratch their nails on it or they will do it on your favourite sofa. There are plenty of toys for cats like fake mice, balls and don't forget their favourite game with red dot - great way to have fun together. Don't be surprised if some of toys disappear somewhere, end of tenancy cleaners will find them behind the wardrobe or some cabinet.
Brush, scissors and cosmetics - you have to brush your cat regularly if you want to have beautiful fur, especially if it is longhaired breed. Cutting claws can be very difficult task but you have to learn how to do it properly.

It is well-known fact that cats hate water and having a bath is a big challenge for you but there's no doubt that you have to shower your pet regularly. Buy special shampoo for cats and be careful with its ears, they shouldn't be wet.
Now, you know the some important things you should do before taking a cat in your home. But the most important is to give it your entire love, be sure they understand when are loved and appreciate it.


  1. Hello Heather
    Beautiful kitten photos and very sage advice too!
    I could take any one of them home!
    Thank you for visiting me.

  2. Beautiful kitten. I prefer keep them in the garden though...