Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Expecting important guests? Read these tips then!

Guests are those people we, in general, love, but when they have to appear in our house, we suddenly start hating them... Due to them the house becomes in a total chaos and it seems that nothing can be done in time. But things get even worse, if these guests are more special, important and serious...They require proper reception, decent food and nice approach. But let`s not waste your time even more. Instead, we will give you a hand with some really interesting and tricky tips for those of you, who are expecting important guests.
  • Consult the menu with your fanciest friend. Ok, you might not like to call and listen to her annoying talks about authentic manners and etiquette, but you will have, too. Copying and pasting the menu from internet will really, really disappoint your guests, because they expect something more individually prepared for their tastes...
Prepare something special for your guests

  • Make sure your husband or another man from your family meet the guests either at the airport, or at the bus station. Otherwise, you will hear talks about the exhaustive travel (with a hidden accusation to you) over the dinner for hours.
  • Like royal personalities, special guests want red carpet to be laid – literally and metaphorically. So do not forget the Leicestershire floor sanding chore, please!
  • Even if you don't have a guest room, prepare such! It should have or be close or next to the bathroom, because such guests expect conveniences from 5-star hotel...or at least of a 4-star hotel!
We wish you luck and have fun with your so-special guests!

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