Thursday, 23 July 2015

10 helpful usages of muffin pan

Muffins are so tasty and we all love them, don't we? So there is no house left in UK without a muffin pan among the kitchen utensils. This means you can have this appliance for good! Because there are many amazing and interesting application for this simple, but practical thing. See 10 helpful usages of muffin pan now:
  1. Sauce holder. Moreover – if your family members love different adds-on to the pasta or the potatoes, you can sweetly organize the table for the dinner. Simply, place the different sauces – pesto, tomato, creamy and etc – into individual muffin cup!
  2. Preparing healthy breakfast for the whole family. Make oat bars and feed your kids in the morning.
  3. Serve oysters artistically on your home birthday party!
  4. Prepare giant ice cubes. They are suitable not only for some cool refreshing summer drinks, but also to clean stains and remove carpet ghosts from the rug. Believe it or not, even your local carpet cleaning company uses this simple approach!
  5. Arrange your herbs and spices. The kitchen will finally be tidied up and neat!
  6. Turn the muffin pan into a creative and original sushi salver! Impress the guests!
  7. Achieve the rounded rice serving method finally...Just cook the rice and pace small portions into the muffin cups. Now, you can serve your dinner awesomely!
  8. Make the muffin pan an organizer for the least gems like earrings and rings – in case you have a spare pan!
  9. Create your house cleaning remedies for different stains during the seasonal purge for an easier access!
  10. Boost your kid`s artistic drawing skills and put the watercolor paints into the muffin pan!
Muffins – so delicious that they even inspire us do so many other things!

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