Thursday, 16 July 2015

6 Cool usages of an old T-shirt

There is something messed up in today's consumer`s mind. The fact we buy things daily and we do not even use them at a full value is a pity. On the other side, there are yet people, who are practical enough to reuse old things. Thus, they minimize their expenses and they avoid to get into the over consumption trap. And their collection of cool recycling ideas definitely has some place for old T-shirt re-usages. Here are the best 5 among them:
  1. Fluffy space for floor kid`s game. It could be nice for any child to get permission to play on the floor. And cutting of the old T-shirt and turning it into an awesome arena for a playground is a great suggestion. Besides, you will simplify your carpet cleaning task this way. With this improvised mat, stains will be less.

  2. Make yourself a bag! It does not require any sewing and it is very appropriate for picnic!
  3. Mobile device holder. I phone cases made by hand are very popular these days. Well, you can have one made of your T-shirt, as well!
  4. Chandelier decoration. Same thing here! Home DIY decors are interesting and original. To make your lighting funky and interesting, hang some cotton garlands made of your old T-shirt.
  5. Pillow case! Instead of buying new pillow cases every time you make a stain on it or let the pillow "naked", while you are washing its case, better have spare sets T-shirt-like cases!
  6. Speaking of stains...Easy and quick floor polishing with cotton is a must on a regular basis. Though, some synthetic textiles bought from the store will harm your sleek wooden floor! Use the old T-shirt as a cloth to dust and make your floor shiny!
Do not even think to throw your old T-shirt away! Use it for these things!

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