Friday, 10 July 2015

How to create a kitchen island in a day

Nowadays, kitchen islands are widespread and they provide the comfort every housewife is looking for. Kitchen islands are the perfect place where you can prepare the ingredients for your meal. You can also serve a snack to your kids on the kitchen island, so they don’t stay on your way while you are cooking. However, it may be a bit expensive to buy a brand new one, so why don’t you start a do-it-yourself project? The completion of your kitchen island will take less than you expect. Just follow the tips below.

  • Do you have old bookshelves and you keep wondering how to get rid of them? Well, now you can transform them into a beautiful kitchen island and ensure your comfort while cooking. Go ahead and take the measures. You can also repaint them if you want.
  • Think about the countertop and opt for a material that does not gather much dirt. You will appreciate that tip during your end of tenancy cleaning Chichester. You’d better purchase granite, laminate or MDF. Beware of the weight of the countertop. It should not be too heavy.
  • When you have the countertop, it’s time to attach it to the transformed bookshelves. In most cases you will need screws but if you have chosen a granite countertop, the most sensible solution is to ask for professional help, or you risk to ruin the whole project.
  • Add some special features so the kitchen island matches the design of your kitchen. Another interesting idea is to add cabinets to it and store some of your kitchen supplies in there. 

If you do not have bookshelves, you can also use a table or a dresser. In case you want to move your kitchen island from one place to another, install wheels or legs. The important thing is to have an excellent end result and to make your stay in the kitchen more enjoyable and comfortable.

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