Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Colours and appetite

There are many studies about how taste perception is affected by color. Which colors stimulate and which suppress appetite? We offer you a list of colors and their effect on our mood to eat.
  • Red. This color is evocative and brings high energy charge. It increases respiration and blood pressure and stimulates appetite. Not accidentally restaurateurs rely on the color red in the interior or exterior solutions for their establishments. Red is very suitable for the color arrangement of the kitchen at home.
  • Orange. This color increases the amount of oxygen supplied to the brain. Consequently it brings a refreshing effect and stimulates mental activity. It is warm and welcoming color that makes people feel comfortable. As a citrus color, orange is often associated with healthy food. It stimulates the appetite.
  • Blue. The blue color has a favorable effect on the mind and body. It slows down the metabolism and has a calming effect. Blue is often associated with calmness and poise. It is considered a color, appetite suppressant. It should be avoided for food premises and kitchen equipment. Experts even recommend putting a blue light in the refrigerator, if you are dieting. Good effect to reduce appetite is to use blue plates and cutlery. By the way, what colour are the uniforms of your carpet cleaning Bromley experts? Perhaps blue?
  • Yellow. Cheerful and sunny yellow color always attracts attention. It increases concentration. Yellow stimulates the appetite and the association for it is happiness.
  • Green. This color is associated with nature, health and abundance. It is often used in order to emphasize the color safety of a product. Green is soothing and relaxing. Your domestic cleaners Bromley will also confirm this.
Experts also recommend those who choose to undergo dieting, to eat in plates with black colors. This will certainly reduce the amount of food intake.

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