Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Check out these 8 smart household tricks!

There are situations in the kitchen and in the household as a whole, when you definitely need some smart ideas. They will help you a lot. So, read carefully this article and be sure, that if you apply them all, you won’t regret it:
  1. If your refrigerator does not work, keep the butter in salt water, but remove the packaging. So it will taste much better. The butter must swim freely.
  2. If your microwave oven has dirtiness on the walls from remnants of food, put a bowl with water and turn on maximum power. Then just wipe remains with a cloth. If you put in the water some vinegar, it will be even better.
  3. In order not to stain your hands and the hammer for meat when crush steaks, wrap them with plastic film. You can also wrap them with a simple plastic bag.
  4. The best way to clear debris from the porcelain cup is to pour in it mineral water. Let the water stand overnight and rinse in the morning.
  5. To collect fine pieces of broken glass, highlight the floor with a flashlight at an angle. So even the smallest pieces of glass will become noticeable. You can also roll on the floor ball of plasticine, dough or fresh bread. Even the smallest pieces, invisible to the eye, will clog the ball. Then you can run the carpet cleaning Bromley with a vacuum cleaner.
  6. If your hands are stained with oil paint, brush them with oil, it will help to remove the paint.
  7. Put into plant roots raw fish heads. Don’t worry that they will rot and smell bad. After a month dig in the soil and you will not find a trace of the head. Tell this trick to your domestic cleaners Bromley, maybe they don’t know it. 
  8. If you want candles to burn better, wipe them with a wet soap.
Well, these were some hacks that will make your life of housekeeper much easier.

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