Wednesday, 21 October 2015

How to calm down an angry person - 6 hacks

Calming an angry person is very important, but can be also a dangerous undertaking requiring a lot of patience. Better check out our pieces of advice:
  • Step 1 - You have to be calm and quiet at first place. When someone is angry, it’s important not only to help him relax, but to keep our emotions under control too.
  • Step 2 - Stay in the present. People who are angry often recall situations or conversations from the past, especially if they try to involve you in anger. Try to counteract them, focusing on their current situation and solve the current problem. If the problem is a stain on the carpet, just arrange professional carpet cleaning service. It’s not necessary to remember some old problems.
  • Step 3 - Apologize if you were wrong. However, if you've done anything to upset this guy, maybe what you need is a sincere apology. It is not a sign of weakness, and shows that you care about the feelings of the other person. Consider the situation if you have done something wrong, say that you regret. Sometimes that's all a person needs to hear in order to feel better. Remember how you were angry at your girlfriend when she missed to arrange the floor sanding London service? Everybody has weak moments.
  • Step 4 - Use good listening techniques. When people are emotionally charged, they want to know that someone understands them. Conversations and the feeling that someone is heard can help a person to relax.
  • Step 5 - Show empathy. Showing sympathy for someone who is angry is essential hack. Tell him that you have also experienced such a thing. It is sometimes enough to make him feel better and start to share what produced his anger. Sometimes the reason for the anger may be the long and dusty wood floor sanding London procedure, who knows!
  • Step 6 - Give the person some time. Most people need at least 20 minutes to free themselves completely from anger, but some may need even longer. So sometimes it just needs to wait until the "storm" pass.
Now you know how to deal with an angry person. Good luck!

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