Wednesday, 27 January 2016

What are the risks when you use a microwave oven?

Microwave ovens are for sure one of the most convenient kitchen devices. It’s not something new that a lot of scientists` researches prove that they are dangerous for our health. However, it’s a common thing that people tend to ignore those news and continue using them. Here are some of the risks you should think of and consider if it’s worth it to have a microwave oven at home.
  • Yes, when it comes to domestic cleaning Kingston they are absolutely easy to maintain and we are thankful that we can save a couple of minutes from cleaning. But have you ever thought how they actually work? They preheat the food from the inside out using electromagnetic energy which agitates water molecules. After that these molecules begin to vibrate and eventually they generate heat. It doesn’t sound that scary, does it? But here is the rest of the story – the friction that causes the heat also causes substantial damage to the surrounding molecules, tearing them apart which may lead to serious consequences if a person eats these modified foods on daily basis.
  • Some studies revealed an unpleasant fact comparing blood samples of people who heated food conventionally and people who ate microwaved food . The latter were found to decrease their level in hemoglobin and cholesterol values. One more thing they got higher white blood cell counts (Leukocytes) – this is often a sign of inflammatory response caused by infection.
  • The most horrifying news is that other reports discovered the fact microwaved food leads to release some carcinogens and has been linked to developing breast cancer. So next time you book your Kingston end of tenancy cleaning procedure make sure you will inform your landlord for the risks and why it is better to ditch the microwave oven. Yes, you are moving out but why not tell the others about the potential risks of using one.
Play it safe, get rid of your microwave oven and get back to the cooking the way it should be. Your family will be thankful!

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