Wednesday, 13 January 2016

How to store your shoes and accessories - original ideas

Ideas for shoes organizing
Probably, at one point, your collection of foot-wear and accessories seems endless to you. This is both exciting and disturbing. If you tend to accumulate a lot of stuff, then it's a good idea to arrange it, in order to find your possessions easily and keep them always in good condition.
Here are a few interesting ideas for organizers of shoes and accessories:
Accessories organizing tips

  • Picture frame – you can use the picture frame as you stretch a wire between the two sides and pin your sunglasses there. Then put it on the wall – it looks very chic and is an unusual decoration for your interior.
  • Vintage cupboard – if you have enough space at home, then you can put your best shoes in a beautiful antique dresser – you can buy it from an antique store or get it from someone's attic and restore it. This is going to refresh your interior. Why not add a beautiful fluffy rug in the same style? Before you do it, however, consider that regular carpet cleaning Ealing is a must.
  • Handbags for shoes (but for storing accessories and not shoes) – you can use textile bags for shoes for storage of huge light accessories, such as belts, headbands, scarves. The hanger with these bags you can hang on the back of the bedroom door, for example.
  • Glass jars – your local post tenancy cleaners Ealing advise you to place some jars with lids with screws on the window sill or a shelf and fill them with various accessories – hair ties, thick bracelets, watches.
  • Empty bottles – it may sound a strange idea, but if you have a nice bottle, then you can use it for storage of bracelets. Put a few of them, depending on their width. Placing a few bottles on a shelf is a great way to top up your interior.
  • Bamboo baskets – you can keep there your hair dryer and hair brush as well as your curling iron and hair straightener. In another basket, you can place your cleaning paper towels. If you have a cabinet without doors, then these baskets are the ideal option for organization.
So, next time you have some free time and start arranging your home, think about those storage options. Get rid of the clutter and diversify your interior – both at the same time!

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