Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Cozy kid’s room in rustic style

The bedroom is a personal space that can be shaped in many different ways so that it fits the specific tastes and needs of the person who will use it. The same applies to the design of the nursery. Often the right approach to decoration represents a compromise between what children want and what interior theme parents seek. While most nurseries rely on clean, modern look, you may bring some fun by changing the classic style with rustic charm. Learn more details:
  • Classic chalet style. When it comes to rustic style, the first thing one thinks are large trunks and rough wood surfaces. Although similar interior is not inherent in most modern homes, you can make the nursery look special with a few ceiling beams, that will bring warmth into the atmosphere. One of the best ways to do this is to turn the attic (as long as you live in a house) in a great room for children. Sloping ceilings complement the rustic style. Besides creating a cottage atmosphere that is associated with warmth in winter, the timber brings texture contrast in the room and creates a relaxing, yet fantastic atmosphere. Your carpet cleaning experts  Bromley will agree with us.
  • Rustic style is a great idea for children, because parents often choose bunk beds. Families with more than two children or those whose kids love to invite guests overnight, could safely rely on this style. If the room has more space and provides enough furniture for storage of belongings, the room will easily become both - a nice place to sleep and a wonderful place to play. By the way, tell your upholstery cleaners Bromley to pay more attention to the kid’s room - it must be always spick and span.
  • Modern twist. The combination of modern and classic rustic is great, because the two styles blend smoothly into each other. This combination is achieved much easier than it looks at first glance. The room will change along with the growth and preferences of the child. Instead of heavy wooden elements, you can rely on a modern decoration and accessories.
If you like the idea for rustic style in the children’s room, go for it and start your project now!

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