Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Christmas garment for your pet - pros and cons

Dressing up your pet may be not just the latest fashion trend, but a real need. Getting a Christmas garment for your cat or dog may be both a good and bad decision. Here is why:
  • When you dress your dog or cat for the first time, let it smell and get familiar to the clothing. So, the pet will accept the new garment as his own and it is not going to chew or torn it as it is a toys. In order to be confident in the choice of clothing, take accurate measurements of your pet.
  • Small dog breeds often live at home, where the temperature is by 20-30 degrees above the temperature outside during the winter months. The clothing of the pet will contribute to a considerably more pleasant walk in the cold winter days. Once the pet gets used to the garment, it is going to associate it with a walk! Every time the dog sees its clothing, it will be happy and eager to go outside! Your local domestic cleaners Brixton also advise you to get a raincoat, thus your pet will not miss the walk during rainy days. 
  • Very adult dogs also need a garment when temperatures are low. Their circulation is different from that of mature dogs and they need further warming. When you choose a dog coat, the convenience should be a priority. Do not buy only dog dresses, hats, scarves, and others which are simply an accessory. The same goes for any type of Christmas garment – make sure that it is warm enough. Dogs with short hair, be it large or small, are also more sensitive to cold and moisture.
  • Clothes for long-haired pets are also a good variant. This means that in the muddy, snowy and rainy weather, there will be a lot of dirt. Washing a garment would be better than showering the dog and doing additional carpet cleaning Brixton, right?
Undoubtedly, a dog or a cat, dressed in accordance with the Christmas spirit is a funny and cute picture. But think about the pet and whether it will feel comfortable or not. Don’t let it into a fluffy living doll!

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