Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Original and untypical Christmas decoration

You are used to see the Christmas decorations in the traditional holiday shades – red, green, blue, silver, gold. But if you want to spice up the colour palette as well as the decorations, then you need some ideas – check our pieces of advice:
  • Decorations, made by natural materials - the cinnamon stick, the orange slice and several spices can create a fragrant hanging decoration for the Christmas tree.
  • Cones are the most preferred natural material for Christmas decoration. They could be painted with white or gold paint. You can turn them into cute angels on the tree or a part of the décor of the festive table. 
  • If you like the traditional stuff, then you probably will use candles as a part of decoration. Be very careful with them, especially if you are a tenant. You know – just a small burn mark anywhere may be a problem, even if the end of tenancy cleaning Bromley went perfectly. 
  • Christmas in purple – Christmas in purple is a colourful and a fresh proposal for a festive decoration. Decorate the tree with ribbons in purple or maybe make a spectacular wreath for the front door of some purple balls. 
  • Christmas in pink – for some people, Christmas decoration in pink comes a little too much perhaps too feminine or even kitschy. But this will definitely bring colour and is something you won't see in every home. In addition, the pink holiday decoration is an appropriate choice if you're a fan of the vintage style. You can combine pink Christmas decor with colors such as silver, gold, white or pastel shades of blue.
  • Tell your domestic cleaners Bromley not to dispose the burnt light bulbs. Instead, make them a beautiful Christmas decoration – create impressive snowmen!
  • Another great idea for a creative Christmas decorations from everyday materials are glass jars with ‘snow"’ You need large ordinary jars, glue, and for the snow effect you can use powdered sugar or salt. The items that you want to place inside (cones, for example, will be glued with adhesive to the cap of the jar. You can further decorate the jar with ribbons or lace.
  • Christmas decoration of bottles – wine bottles can also come in handy when making a Christmas decoration. Wrap them in coloured paper, make them look like ‘dressed’ and they will become quite spectacular decoration!
Christmas is coming – unleash your imagination, look around and transform cheap natural materials in creative ideas for this long-awaited holiday!


  1. Absolutely lovely! Thanks for the inspiration and happy countdown to Christmas!

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment. Bright and Merry Christmas!