Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Unconventional ideas for home decoration

If you are a rebel by nature, or you like to stand out with anything different and atypical, then non-standard ideas for the décor of your home are right for you. Go ahead!
Check out our suggestions:
  • In the bedroom – who said that the bed should have a frame to restrict you? Some people prefer to be closer to the ground so you can put your big mattress directly on the floor. To make the room even more interesting, you can ‘hide’ the mattress under a tent, from which descend sheer fabrics – a type of oriental bed from India. Another unusual decision is to place a dummy in the room. Use it to match the clothing you have selected for the next day, or to experiment with colours and fabrics.
  • In the kitchen - bring colour and freshen it as you remove the doors of kitchen cabinets and on their place put patterned curtains – points, flowers, stripes or whatever you like. Don't stop here – your local end of tenancy cleaners Richmond recommend you use the box from the old TV to keep there your collection of cookbooks.
  • In the bathroom – instead of buying shower curtain, make your own from 2-3 towels. You can also alternate plain shower curtain with a towel. The only drawback is that the towel ‘curtain’ dries more slowly. But in order to make something original in your interior, it is worth it.
  • In the living room - this is the place you welcome your guests, so it must be impressive and beautiful. Think about paintings, various coverings for your sofa and armchairs, for example. A beautiful wool rug will be an excellent addition to any décor. If this is your choice, then make sure you are well-informed about its carpet cleaning Richmond as it needs a special technique. 
  • In the garden – make your innovative compost heap, such as pillars, connected with the help of a few shelves on which you can put the flower pots. You may use a wheel on which you've pinned baskets with cascading petunias. Try with a wheelbarrow, re-painted in your favourite colour and complete the picture with a mix of spring flowers.
Of course, those tips are just basic guidelines about unusual home decoration. It is very important to get inspired and you will have many more ideas than you have ever imagined!

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