Wednesday, 9 March 2016

The art of graffiti in the interior - why not?

The art of graffiti is gaining more popularity in the interior of both private homes and offices, restaurants, sports halls and even kindergartens. This art develops into new dimensions and gains more and more fans. Graffiti is not only a street art anymore.
Nowadays, it becomes fast and original way to reverse the vision of each room in your home. Thanks to artistic images, you can visually enlarge the cramped rooms and make huge and cozy premises. The drawing, performed through using aerosol sprays, makes it possible to recreate the unique interior. This way your home will acquire a special atmosphere of style and modernity. Here are further details:
  • The technology for making graffiti is not complicated, but it requires professional skills. When aesthetic look and good ideas are combined, you may obtain real masterpieces. That's why graffiti studios and masters of street art have become increasingly popular.
  • Special paint in vials allows to be applied/sprayed on any surface (rough, textured, porous). High-quality materials give the opportunity to achieve bright and saturated colours. The drawings are always unique and original because they are made with the help of fantasy of the artist. They can be formed with different techniques and style - from classic to contemporary realism. 
  • There is an unwritten rule that artistic images on walls have to be complied with existing decor of the room. When the room is furnished in advance, that will help the artist to choose the appropriate graffiti. 3D drawings are also often preferred. They give a more realistic and powerful look of the room. The drawings can be made in every corner of the home. Various details may be applied - florals or original characters. Moreover - large rooms can be divided into several zones according to their function with the help of graffiti.
  • Before applying the graffiti, a computer visualization of the project is usually done. Often people are not sure what to choose and they rely on the taste of the artist. Depending on the type of the paint, several days will be necessary to finish the renovation procedure. When sprays and paints which are based on acetone, are used, the smell stays longer. So, when it comes to interior design, experts use mostly acrylic paints.
  • Graffiti become more and more popular in kindergartens - when it comes to interior design of children's rooms, nurseries and gardens, graffiti drawings are often preferred. Here fantasy, fairy tales and favorite characters get together to immerse little kids in a different, more beautiful and cheerful world. The masters of the brush can recreate wall episodes of any animation, fantastic landscape. They may reveal the magic atmosphere of a children's book too. 3D drawings in children's rooms are also very popular, because they really give realistic display and immerse your child in the world of dreams. 
  • The stylish look of your home, office or restaurant may be achieved on an affordable price. It all depends on the type of the project. Experts claim, that for every taste, there is an appropriate graffiti. These drawings give very beautiful and playful accent in your home - from the most simple style graffiti to the more complex designs. 
  • These modern and beautiful paintings on the walls will tell colorful stories. Integrated into the interior, they will not disturb the atmosphere in your home. On the contrary - they will supplement it in a unique way. Brighten your bedroom or living room, relying on handmade painted murals. Unleash your imagination and the result will be stunning. Even the final outcome is unsatisfactory, you can always book professional painting services and fix the problem.
  • Many people do not dare to decorate the living room with graffiti. However, in the bedroom, there is no obstacle to apply graffiti. The bedroom is our personal space where we can express ourselves without any restrictions. This is particularly true for children and teen rooms where graffiti are somehow organically connected to other elements of furniture. Thanks to graffiti you may give a fresh and eclectic look of your simple bedroom.
  • According to experts, moderate use of graffiti in the interior retains balance in the room. Graffiti is a dynamic genre in art, evolving for centuries. Graffiti were used in ancient Egypt and in the Roman Empire. 
Today, graffiti are becoming more popular and enter the interior of the house in a variety of ways. You need a change and you want to refresh your home interior? Then, bring the spirit of the streets thanks to usage of graffiti. If you are worried that graffiti do not suit the style of your home, you could start with something safer - such as painting graffiti on a dresser. If you do not like the result, you can easily get rid of them and go back to something more traditional.
If you are not ready for graffiti on the walls at your home, start with some furniture

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  1. I find graffiti very interesting too and inspiring as well!