Thursday, 31 March 2016

Make Spring cleaning fun – who says cleaning can't be entertaining?

When it comes to house cleaning and particularly the upcoming Spring cleaning rarely there is a person that is looking forward to it. Most of the time people are reluctantly taking it up and just facing the fact it would be boring and tedious. Don`t be among these people! Yes, cleaning is a chore but it can be entertaining. Before the fun part begins you should make to-clean-list so your household tasks are organised. This doesn't only apply to Spring cleaning – you can efficiently make your regular domestic cleaning a piece of cake by making it interesting. Check several ways to make house cleaning fun - burn the stress associated with Spring cleaning off!

  • Let’s start with something obvious – play music in the background. No matter what your preference is - you can play your favourite group since when you were in high-school or some pop music that you enjoy – just play it loud and it will cheer you up. If you have to do the vacuum cleaning simply put on your headphones and feel free to sing along – if you can't hear yourself your singing can't be that bad, right?
  • Make your domestic cleaning a workout – what do you think about burning some extra calories this Spring while cleaning around the house? Wear a pedometer and see how many steps you can take – you will notice that you will try to make as much as possible! If you like to get the things more effective wear light ankle weights. Sweeping or mopping with them will tone your muscles. When you know how many steps it takes you to perform a cleaning procedure aim to take more steps next time. As a result you will burn more calories and your house will be spick and span!
  • Turn Spring cleaning into a game show – set a timer and imagine that you will have to pick up as much clutter as possible in order to win the big prize! Of course, the big prize can be a muffin or a cocktail but you will see how the clock ticking and the reward awaiting will get you motivated! If you want to be even more effective and competitive, involve your family or roommates – assign every chore with a particular number of points and keep a chart to track the score. Whoever has the most points in the end of the week wins a prize, for example gets his favourite dish for dinner – think up the game in a way that will motivate your family the most and you will see how your home will be sparkling as if professional domestic cleaners just got their job done there!
  • Create a theme for the cleaning session – this is especially fun when you involve your family in it. Dress up as pirates and play Pirates of the Caribbean in the background – talk like pirates! It may sound silly but it will cheer you up and you will see how it is actually working. If you are on your own why don't you try out a new look? Try something that you always wanted to but didn't have time or enough desire – put on a crazy-coloured lipstick or try a new hairstyle! Braid your hair – be Lara Croft for the day ! Imagine that your mission is to clean the house for a certain time otherwise a bomb will explode or whatever your imagination prompts.
  • When you want to involve your kids and make it fun for them too, you can challenge them to make accomplish little “missions” - get them to pick as much toys as possible for a minute and give them a little reward. Another idea especially for parents with young children is to create “The Cleaning bin” - get a plain tote bin and let them decorate it with colourful stickers. After that show them how to take it from room to room to pick up toys, socks or other small objects which place is not in the present room. Children love to be in charge of such “adult” chores and feel productive – you can name the game “Cleaning rangers” or whatever that your kid will enjoy participating in!
  • Watch your favourite show – similar to listening to music it can get you in good mood. You can catch up with a sitcom you enjoy while wiping the countertops or dusting around the living room. If you have to fold piles of laundry you will see how in no time you will get everything done while you are being fascinated with the exciting plot!
  • Talk to a friend while you are doing the dishes or cleaning your kitchen sink. Put on the headset and catch up with a friend you haven't talked to in a while. Believe it or not some people make “cleaning dates” - a time when they both have to clean so they chat while doing it. Isn't this a great idea? Just be careful to put your phone in a pocket that is secure so it won't fall while you are cleaning.
  • No need to mention that Spring cleaning requires a little more hard work than the usual cleaning. When you have performed exhausting tasks such as deep cleaning the bathroom or cleaning your carpet after the cold months, reward yourself with a manicure or go to the theatre. You will see how this will keep you motivated while doing it!
After hearing all these ideas domestic cleaning doesn't sound that bad, does it?

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