Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Refresh your modern interior with some oriental motifs

Nowadays, oriental motifs have become increasingly popular in modern interior. They are colorful, bright and have a variety of patterns. In addition to rugs, original ethno motifs are used for decorative pillows, upholstery for sofas, etc. Oriental motifs bring a sense of warmth and eclecticism in interior of the house, whether it's modern, traditional or retro style. Check out some ways to use oriental motifs in the interior of your home:
  • Cushions with oriental motifs. Decorative cushions with damask in the style of oriental rugs can also be quite useful. They will help you to create bohemian and eclectic style. Decorative cushions with oriental motifs will turn your living room into a comfortable and stylish space. Put them on your sofa and on your armchair and enjoy wonderful ambiance. You may find decorative cushions with various shape and size. They are not too expensive, but they will definitely change your home ambiance for good. Experts in interior design claim, that an original collection of cushions can instantly transform your sitting room from cold and impersonal to chic and stylish space. Moreover - if you choose warm fabrics, such as wool will make hard materials like metal and wood look much softer.
  • Oriental rugs. This is a widespread method to add oriental motifs to your interior design. Handmade oriental rugs have a long history and their patterns represent deep cultural and religious beliefs of the people who have made them. The original antique Oriental rugs are a work of art with high historical value and are usually quite expensive. When it comes to their hygienic maintenance, it’s better to entrust it to professional carpet cleaners. They will apply modern and proven methods in order to achieve stunning results and meanwhile to protect the fabric. If you want to buy original oriental rug, you should know that they usually look slightly worn-out, but this should not bother you. For those of you who do not have much money, but like Oriental motifs, there are many decent manufactured versions of such carpets. There is no doubt, that oriental rugs bring warmth and style to any interior style. The carpets in oriental style give a sense of comfort and hospitality even to apartments in industrial style. A good idea is to combine oriental rugs with brown leather for more natural look. According to interior design professionals a nice oriental rug never goes out of style. Furthermore - it may be easily combined with almost any design scheme. However, in order to show its best, you should follow some rules. For example, you should be careful and keep patterns in the same colour family. Even in the hallway you can put narrow carpet in oriental style.
  • Beanbags in oriental style. If you want to go even further, use beanbags with oriental patterns and tassels. Some people find them very uncomfortable to sit. However, other like them, because they really add a little more delight in your dwelling. Actually, it’s not so important in which room you will use them - these interesting beanbags may be used in the kid’s room, in the living room or in the yard. The oriental pattern will make this kind of chair even more attractive. If according to you, beanbags are comfortable, you may use them for rest after a long day in the office. There are also original oriental poufs which may be used to put your feet on them. 
  • Oriental stools. Another possibility to integrate oriental motifs in the interior of your home is a stool, upholstered with fabric in oriental style. You may place a little tray there and use the stool as a small table. By the way, stools are not heavy, so your maid will not have any difficulties to change their place and to clean underneath, upholstery cleaning shouldn't be a problem too because they are esly to maintenace. The problem with sanitising comes when there is heavy furniture and it’s very hard to move it and to clean behind and under. One day when you decide to get rid of this furnishing, you will find so much dust and clutter. So, besides the genuine touch, brought via oriental stools - this piece of furniture is very functional too. If you like the idea, hurry up to get yourself some wonderful oriental stools! If you are lucky, you will find them at super affordable costs. You may visit a flea market too, you may be surprised by the findings there. 
  • A bench in the bedroom will look very original, especially if you upholster it in fabric with oriental motifs. In case your bedroom is furnished with vintage furniture in antique style, this bench will look gorgeous.
Oriental motifs are really impressive. They will give your home interior uniqueness and incredibly stylish appearance. If you like them, don’t hesitate to refresh your home space with a nice oriental rug, some cushions or even a pouf.

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