Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Buying furniture on a budget – Tips

Nowadays the market is oversaturated and when it comes to furniture and design of your house you literally have thousands of options to choose from. Every homeowner wants to have a stylishly furnished house but the great variety of furniture not always goes hand in hand with affordability. On the contrary – the most durable and beautiful pieces of furniture are usually the most expensive ones. The latter statement should not disappoint you, though. You should not settle for an item you don’t like just because you cannot afford the one you really want. Sofas and stools are not items you buy every day. Actually, you buy them with the intention of using them at least a couple of years, right? That is why you should try to find the happy medium between high quality and affordability. Let’s see what you can do in order to furnish your house without spending a fortune.
  • Keep a close eye on the ads published in the local newspaper or a community website. All too often people sell expensive pieces of furniture at a negligible price just because they have to move out of town and need to get rid of their stuff as soon as possible or the couch does not match the interior of their redesigned property. You should also visit the yard sales where you can get some good staff at a decent price. You should not limit yourself only to yard and garage sales in your neighbourhood. If you are looking for expensive furniture, you can also visit neighbourhoods where the residents are known for their higher social class.
  • However, you have to be cautious as to what you buy and from where you buy it. Although it may seem like an incredible deal, take your time and check for any damages that cannot be fixed. Sometimes, the ridiculously low price should serve as an indication that you should think twice before buying that piece of furniture.
  • Social networks can also help you find the desired item at a great price. If you still have not joined the group of your local community, then, it’s time to do it. You might be amazed by the great deals people from your area offer. There, you may find all kinds of services – from professional carpet cleaning to car wash at a discount price. Of course, publications for selling furniture or other home improvement stuff are posted on a regular basis. You can also publish a post and explain exactly what piece of furniture you are looking for. You never know who might help you.
  • If you have always been keen on fixing damaged stuff around the house, that might be extremely useful when it comes to buying furniture. Some stores offer chairs and other furniture in pieces and you can assemble them on your own. In most cases, these are less expensive than the “ready to use” ones, although they require you to dedicate a couple of hours to assembling them. Some stores also offer discounts for damaged furniture, so if you can put up with a minor scratch or a missing leg, go for it. The biggest stores have their stock available for online purchase, so check what they have in the SALE section regularly.
  • If you have set aside a certain amount of money for couch, but you also need a bed or stools, there is no need to wait for a few more months till you have enough money to buy them. Instead, you can just opt for the so-called multipurpose furniture. For instance, a stool can be used for seating but at the same time, you can use it as a convenient end table. The couch can be easily transformed into a daybed and vice versa. In other words, you get two pieces of furniture at the price of one, not to mention you save some space, which is great especially if you live in a small apartment.
  • If you are among those creative people who love bringing old stuff back to life, then, you can use your talent for making an old couch look like a new one. Sometimes a professional upholstery cleaning procedure can do miracles. If necessary, polish the wooden parts and fill any scratches with a special product. Plus, you can also add a creative sparkle by placing cute cushions, a pile of pillows or cover the old couch with a slipcover. Everything works, you just have to unlock your imagination.
Buying expensive furniture on discount can be a tricky task, but if you are proactive, you can save hundreds of pounds and have your living room elegantly furnished at the same time. Don’t give up if you fail in finding the desired item at the first store or yard sale you visit. It might take some time, but at the end, all efforts will be worth it.

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