Thursday, 19 May 2016

Essential things you should know before remodeling your kitchen!

No matter if you are renovating your old kitchen or designing a brand new one, there are a lot of aspects that should be taken into consideration. In other words, a lot of mistakes can be made if you don`t plan carefully the whole process. Many homeowners easily get excited about choosing the design and forget about functionality and vice versa – others just assume that colour and the right choice of textures and materials don`t matter as long as there is enough space. However, all of these elements are equally important. Read on and discover which are the most common mistakes when you are remodeling your kitchen. With our helpful tips you will avoid future design errors:

  • There are trends that come and go but the important aspect is not to commit them when we can. Many people focus their time and energy on selecting the colours and patterns and forget about the functionality. The busiest areas in your kitchen include the stove, sink and fridge. You have to make sure that those key places are finely placed and enough space in between them is provided. You don`t want your oven right next to the fridge or your sink next to the oven. Imagine that you are cooking and your loved one is trying to do the dishes. Wrong placement of these appliances can easily create the feel of crowded room even though your kitchen is spacious.
  • Kitchen desks – many people still use them and think that it will bring more functionality but they are wrong. Bringing such an item which usual place is in your living room or your home office in the kitchen will only provoke you to bring items that don`t belong in there – scattered files, documents and other office supplies definitely should not be where you grate cheese and chop onions. Even if there is a tempting spot, better place a small kitchen table or buy a portable cupboard!
  • In the past few years some minimalist-lovers tried to convince people that curtains and drapes are not essential part of the interior. However, bare windows are not the best design choice for your kitchen. The kitchen is definitely one of the rooms in your house that defines “home” so making it cosy and inviting is a must. Another reason why installing drapes and curtains is recommended is because otherwise you lack of privacy. Professional interior designers recommend using shades or simple panels which will add a warm touch, give you the desired privacy and still not overtake your kitchen.
  • It goes without saying but some people still fail to do that – don`t choose your appliances last! Yes, they don`t necessarily make the room but they are for sure one of the most important elements of the space. They should look nice, be functional and fit your lifestyle and family needs. Don`t save selecting them on the last moment! It`s much easier to choose your countertops and cabinets when you already have the kitchen appliances.
  • Choosing the right colour – alright, this may be an element that is individually chosen for each case but still there are some basic rules that should not be neglected. If you have already chosen the cabinets, selecting a hue that matches them is usually the best approach. Why is it like that? Because in general cabinets are the most expensive feature of the room. It`s much easier to repaint the walls rather than buy a new set of cabinets – even if you rely on professionals and book painting services your kitchen furnishing would still be more costly. Have in mind that if you have wooden cabinets, the best colours for the walls are the earthy tones such as peach, yellow, brown and green. Many people like stronger colours like brick red or navy blue but if you want to incorporate them you are recommended to use them as accents and put them over neutral colour. A reputable designer says that whichever colour would make your morning cup of coffee most enjoyable, you should go for it.
  • Few years ago installing tile countertops was a trend. However, choosing tiles over granite or copper because they are cheaper is not a strong argument. Kitchen tiles proved that they are more difficult to clean and as we know hygiene is of big importance especially in the place where you prepare the dinner for your family. Still if you have a certain budget you comply with go for quartz countertops as they are cheaper than the granite ones. Don`t forget to provide enough space for cooking, placing the groceries and small kitchen appliances such as a coffee maker. Give this aspect a careful thought as it is not something that can be changed easily once you have remodeled your kitchen area.
These were some of the aspects you should definitely consider and plan in details. Make your kitchen inviting and enjoy the time spent preparing delicious meals and dining with your loved ones!

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