Wednesday, 11 November 2015

6 basic styles of interior design

There are several basic types of interior design, which clearly differ from each other. Each style has its own peculiarities, and whether you like it or not, it depends on your individual taste.
  1. Modern style. Furniture in the living space is distributed with typical mathematical precision. Too bright colors are excluded, but the focus of the furniture is on simplicity. Common is the combination of black, white and gray. By the way, in case you have white carpets, you will definitely need professional carpet cleaning services Bromley more often.
  2. Classic style. The details in this style form geometric shapes such as a circle, a square or rectangle, but they need to be cleared - without unnecessary decorations. In classic style the emphasis is on the richness of detail. Furniture should be very elegant and reminiscent of works of art. Bright colors should be combined with pastel or neutral tones. It is mandatory to put floral paintings, reminiscent of the past.
  3. Retro style. This style is strongly reminiscent of the 50s, 60s and 70s. Its motives are part of the famous Pop art. Details play an important role, they need to be playful, colorful and fun. Your domestic cleaners Bromley will be pleasantly surprised if they enter your home and find it furnished according to this style.
  4. Unconventional style. This style freely combines bright colors and prints. It’s required to have geometric shapes, squares, lines, and even illustrations of people, animals and celebrities on the walls. Although at first glance this interior design may seem rather unusual, furniture and details in it fully connect to each other. Bright colors are optional, but they must be skillfully combined with fabrics of furniture.
  5. Contemporary style. In contemporary interior design it is important to choose the right colors. It is appropriate to rely on light and pastel tones, which are easy to combine.
  6. High-tech style. This style should bring comfort, coziness and harmony. Therefore the furniture must be made of natural materials such as wood, leather and velvet. You should avoid lavish pillows and floral motifs. In this modern style the emphasis is on the shape of the furniture. They are usually rectangular and square.

What about you? Which is your favourite interior design?

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