Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Preparing the nursery - smart tips

Furnishing the nursery is very important step. You take a decision for a little person who will grow up there. It’s very important to choose appropriate materials and furniture, so read carefully:
  • Ceiling. The repair of the premises is usually done from the top to bottom. Do not deviate from this tradition. Most practical option for painting the ceiling is to use water-based paint. Ceiling height should remain unchanged and the volume of air in the room is not reduced. Best paints are sustainable, secure and do not smell after drying. For this room suspended ceilings are not appropriate, as they accumulate a lot of dust. And still you need to consider what kind of air child will breathe! The ceiling should be painted in bright fresh colors, such as white, light blue or pale pink. What matters is the color to reflect light well and to create a feeling of spaciousness.
  • The walls. High-quality wallpapers are a good idea. They are not very expensive too. You may need to change them often, because there are small talented ruffians who begin to create art on the walls. Smooth wallpapers from dense and durable paper are suitable. Wallpapers with thin vinyl coating are not a bad option too. In case of removal, you can put some new wallpapers if your kid has made some drawings on the old ones. This will be a part of the deep end of lease cleaning Bromley.
  • When choosing colors and shades you should not ignore the interests of the child. From 3 to 9 years old children enjoy very much colored wallpaper as characters from their favorite cartoons. It is enough to decorate one wall, as psychologists consider that large and colorful paintings get eyes tired and limit creativity. Monochrome wallpaper with small drawings is also wonderful option.
  • Flooring. Children spend most of their time on the floor - where they play, draw, read, watch TV. For this floor should be covered with a fabric with a soft structure and good insulation properties. Regular carpet cleaning Bromley is mandatory too. The best option is to use a laminate covered with carpet. Laminate is an outstanding material that allows for interesting combinations. 
  • Light. Nursery should be very bright. Enough sunlight improves mood and energizes. This is fine if the window is directed to the south, southeast or southwest.
Keep these tips in mind, when you have to take care of the nursery room!

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