Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Get yourself a cat for a happy and healthy home!

If you want a pet, get yourself a cat. For years, experts from different parts of the world have studied the purring of fluffy cats. Here are more details:
  • There are dozens of experiments made by scientists. They found that purring of kittens is not only speaking of the animals. Rumor is defined as a therapeutic tool that can be useful for a variety of health problems.
  • Purring of fluffy animals increases their resistance, and it has beneficial effects on people - through its specific "speech", cats help people cope with various wounds. However, don’t forget, that if you have a cat, you will need more frequent domestic cleaning Kingston.
  • Scientists explain that purring has a frequency between 27 and 44 hertz - it is a set of specific vibrations and frequencies.
  • It has been shown that purring has an impact on people's defenses, but also specific sound can accelerate the healing of a broken bone by about 20 percent. Cats purr and they influence very well on nervous system of their owners.
  • Cats may heal conditions such as depression, helping to clear the stress.
  • Some studies have shown that cats and their "speech" can help normalize blood pressure, improve blood circulation, stabilize heart rhythm, enhance immunity.
  • Above all, it is believed that purring of fluffy animals can be beneficial to people who suffer from addictions, such as problems with drugs and alcohol.
  • According to some information purring cats help for insomnia, flu and osteoarthritis. It is even claimed that cats can have a positive impact on problems such as frigidity and impotence. 
  • The cat can alleviate conditions such as gastritis or ulcers, colitis, flatulence. The lucky ones who sheltered cat at home, know that besides all the benefits, the cat is a great friend and quickly becomes part of the family. However, in case of moving out cleaning Kingston, try to remove all the cat hair, or your landlord won’t be happy.
What about you? Do you love cats?

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