Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Clever bed shows to parents if children are asleep

Clever bed for your kids
SleepIQ Kid's Bed, Source: SleepNumber
Welcome to the Era of new inventions! Let us present to you a new discovery of tireless scientists! Newly-invented bed SleepIQ can alert parents when their children do not sleep and stay awake at night. Smart bed will cost $ 1,000. Here are more details:
  • At World Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas creators of the invention, said it will be the only children's bed that will grow with children.
  • SleepIQ can be adjusted remotely in order to be more comfortable and to provide a better quality of sleep to the child. Special system is produced, thanks to it the bed will warn parents that their children are awake.
  • Smart bed will follow children through special sensors that measure the rhythm of breathing, heart rate and movement. Signals will be sent to a mobile application from which parents will know whether their children are sleeping. Imagine the surprise of your carpet cleaners Wimbledon if they find such a futuristic bed in your home. 
  • There will be also a bedside lamp for reading, attached to the bed. Parents can turn it off with a remote control if the child is asleep with a book on the light.
  • An interesting detail is the special detector against monsters that will allow the kids to sleep peacefully and without fear.
  • In the bed an automatic beam is installed to guide children to the toilet when they get up at night.
  • Experts in feng shui also give some recommendations for the furniture, which should be placed in the nursery. According to experts, the colors for the nursery should be selected according to the character of the little kid, so they can help its development.
  • The best position of the bed is one in which the child is sleeping with head north and feet south. Other situations cause adverse effects.
  • It is not advisable to put the bed near windows or near radiators, and to transform the space underneath into storage for belongings.
  • In case carpet cleaning Wimbledon is required, cover the childish bed with a large nylon in order to protect it from dust.
What about you, have you ever heard about these ultra modern beds?

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